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This is a business - and we are business owners - that see the value of using barter and trade as an exchange rate! Reliance entirely on money is myopic, we feel, particularly when nearly all of us have skills, abilities, posessions and connections to offer one another - and that may have a greater value than money. Bartering and trading often create win-win situations that can deliver more goods or services than money could or would buy.

Please peruse the links we include below! They offer a wide range of information and perspectives on bartering and trading, including the tax ramifications and methods of valuing the exchange.

So, in conclusion, please always feel free to propose a barter/trade in exchange for our services, and we'll do the same with you!

Sample imageJust imagine all the numbers you'll save in a barter/trade!

How to value a barter/trade?

Valuation of barter/trade arrangements can be done in several ways. In our experience, it is done either by equivalating the sum of time spent using an hourly rate (say, $60/hour) with the value of an item or the time of the other party. So, for instance, I may do web work for you for 90 minutes at $90, and you bill your services at $150/hour. My work earns $90 of credit towards your hour of work. Or, if you own a store you give me $90 of credit in your store.

A second, more egalitarian way to barter/trade is to use an "hour for hour" policy. This approach means that my hour of work equals your hour of work, so if I do 90 minutes of work for you, you then would do 90 minutes of work for me.

A variation on the above is the secondary trade. This means that I do an amount of work for you (lets stick with 90 minutes) but I do not need your work. However, you trade with a third party, and I do need their services. So, because need and ability are the key, you give me the earned credit with your third party for my work for you. So I then have earned 90 minutes of credit with the third party, with whom you have already arranged or made a barter/trade.

But what about the CCCMP Guarantee?

Here at CCCMP, we are all about making sure your needs are taken care of while everyone is having fun. What is life for, after all, but having fun? If, at any time that we are engaged to work for you, you feel you are no longer having fun (or, can tell that we aren't having fun) it is time to talk. CCCMP guarantees that after you bring it up, we will ensure that a spirit of fun returns to the engagement, or you can give one of us a good whack with a stick. What fun! (Only small sticks, of course!) Find out more about our fun guarantee at our guarantee page!

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