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Ah! Photography! Photography goes WAAAAY back in this family. Scott's father was a slide-snapper, and family slideshows were the big event at family gatherings. With that inspiration, Scott asked for and got his first camera at age ten, and his first 35mm at age 17. He was an avid photographer and budding photojournalist throughout high school, where he first studied it seriously. During that time he also did a great deal of rock concert photography and sold the resulting prints. Scott worked on both his high school and college yearbooks and was photo editor in both high school and college.

Since then, Scott has done photography for the Billings Outpost and numerous other publications, and has been engaged in a wide variety of freelance gigs that include weddings, marketing and advertising, outdoor and wildlife, portraits and more.

Kris's photography history goes even further back than Scotts! Her grandfather, who was born in the late 1800's, was a photo hobbiest at a time when this was very unusual and quite an investment of time and equipment. Her father and aunt were frequently photographed back when people didn't even smile for the camera! (1920s-era)

This really only factors into her present professional endeavors as a fascinating historical detail, however. Kris took photography classes in high school but until she began working in videography, she was not involved in this art form any more than the average person. But with her artisticly sophisticated eye, she is well suited to the medium. Wink.

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Hey Hey - is this a photo of neurons in action?! How cognitive!

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