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Kris Prinzing loves making websites, and created all of the websites listed in the right sidebar menu. (Excepting, of course, the external pages linked to in smaller print!) Her expertise is in non-dynamic pages, but is able to fulfill a wide variety of website needs for most individuals, organizations and business. The completed websites at right averaged about 15 - 20 hours to create, and she charges her time at about $55 - $75/hour, depending on the needs of the job.

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Nation, if it weren't for this thing, there wouldn't be a website!

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Because of our capacity to create illustrations, do photography, videography, and audio recording, we are able to contribute some interesting, engaging and interactive features to any website project you may have. Naturally, we bill these services seperately. Please call us with your website needs and ideas, and we'll give you a reliable estimate for the time it would take us to create the site and extras! We are also able to bid whole jobs under many circumstances. Don't forget: we are always happy to consider barter and trade arrangements!