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Eco handy

Wow! EcoHandyMan! What could be cooler?

Cognitive Confections Creative Media Productions is the proud umbrella organization for the EcoHandyMan business "Jack B. Green, the Earth-friendly Handyman" operated by Scott Prinzing. (Which actually stays warm and dry under an additional umbrella, known widely as "Jack B. Green, Earth-Friendly Carpentry.")

(NOTE: The above illustration is by our absolute favorite Graphic Artist in the world, Kris's cousin Margo! If you want an outstanding logo, We recommend HER!)

Scott has construction, handyman, landscaping and maintenance work experiencing stretching back to 1980, when he went to Mexico with a group and helped construct a church building. Scott gained informal experience in construction, handymaning and maintenance during high school, college and graduate school, was employed for three seasons in a professional landscaping company, and worked in maintenance in three residential rental companies. More formal work in the construction industry followed in the 90's, leading to a position teaching construction and welding at the Billings Career Center for several years.

At this point, Scott has built or been involved in building dozens of structures, successfully executed many, many repair jobs of all kinds and cured the mundane woes of many property owners in Yellowstone and Carbon counties. He has been regularly moonlighting as a solo handyman now for almost 15 years, and would be thrilled to provide references upon request!

Reliable, straightforward and renowned for keeping his workspace tidy, Scott is not only a great handyman, but he is Montana's first official EcoHandy handyman!

Sample image

Jack B Green hard at work insulating pipes in a local crawlspace!

What the heck is an "EcoHandyMan" anyhow?

Thank you for asking! First and foremost, being an EcoHandyMan means that the work is conducted with a firm philosophy of sustainable practices and approaches to every aspect of the work being done and the backoffice efforts that support it. This means everything from using the most environmentally benign materials and tools to keeping a clean, tidy and non-toxic work area, to getting to the job site in a way that minimizes use of fossil fuels and, believe it or not, even fueling the worker himself with the most sustainble food choices possible! We are nothing if not thorough!

Weatherizing and energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits are one of Jack B. Green's specialties! Think of all the $$ and energy you’ll save in the long term by spending a wee bit of $$ right now!

More information on Jack B. Green, the Earth-friendly Handyman can be found HERE in his fine brochure!

WHAT a bargain!

Okay, so not only are you going to get great work delivered with the Earth in mind, but you are also going to get a screaming deal! Jack B Green only charges a mere $25/hour! Man oh man! But, since you are a special pal of ours, if you mention “introductory offer” to us when you call, we’ll give you the first two hours of Jack’s GreenTastick HandyWork for a mere $20/hour! Lucky you!

To take advantage of this sweet deal, contact us at 598-0575 or send us an email. Scott will come out and discuss the job and the materials costs with you. (Scott also offers bids for entire jobs, but only under certain circumstances.)

And don't forget - we are always willing to consider barter and trade arrangements! See our trade and barter page!